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Troy - Florida Live Blog: Second Quarter

Aside from one drive, UF's defense doesn't look too bad. Of course the special teams has saved them as two punts were blocked and Brandon James is a jitterbug.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:14:56: Power I son! Moore scores his second over left tackle. 28-7. Mo Pouncey pancaked someone again.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:14:50: Kicking team is doing well too as Troy starts at the 27.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:13:08: A.J. Jones, Tampa product, throws Haugabook down on the sideline but Stamper gets the personal foul.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:12:05: UF stops Haugabook run on 4-4. UF recovers a fumble and takes it to the Troy 40. But Major Wright gets 15 yards for clearing people away from the pile. That's two personal fouls already.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:11:45: Two Bubba runs and a net of -3 yards.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:10:03: Nat Moore, "Offensive line play is the key to good offensive football." Preach on preacher. Another Lou Murphy catch plus runs from Moore and tebow.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:9:55: I don't think we'll be seeing an App. State game here. Bubba takes a direct snap from 19 yards and it's 35-7.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:9:47: Troy restarts at their own 23.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:7:35: UF starts at the 25 after forcing a punt. They could have had another short field, but Cunningham tried to pick up a 3-1 fumble instead of falling on it.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:6:27: Lou Murphy gets them to Troy's 42 on a crossing route. Tebow has all day to throw.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:4:44: More over the middle as consecutive catches by CI put UF at 1-10 at the Troy 12.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:2:57: CI son! On 3-3, CI pulls a 5 yard TD down in the back center of the end zone. 42-7. I hope Urban realizes CI is our secret weapon. They need to remove him for the second half.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:2:57: Troy restarts at the 35 when the kick goes out of bounds. Iijas is getting too cute with this coffin corner kicks.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]:1:35: Haugabook gets time and completes a pass to UF's 40 on 3-3. Then Justin Trattou picks off a bubble screen.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]::50: Back to back bad plays from Tebow; one hopper to Bubba and a coverage sack. Then he threads the needle and gets Harvin for the first down at Troy 30.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]::28: Catches by CI and Percy make first and goal at the 5.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]::22: Friend of the Army, Jarred Fayson gets the three yard TD. It's 49-7.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]::15: Troy misplays a squiber and is tackled at the 10.

Update [2007-9-8 19:40:39 by mlmintampa]::00: End of the half. Dinner break.