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Troy - Florida Live Blog: Third Quarter

Will Tebow return? Will UF score 100? Will Southern Miss beat Tennessee? All maybes.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:14:50: UF starts the half at the 33. With Tebow.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:14:35: Bubba fumbles the catch and Troy now has the ball at the UF four.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:14:15: Troy's sequence from the four; almost picked off, one hopper, pass into the stands, FG. 49-10.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:Alligator Army mascot, Bella The Yellow Lab, is not impressed with Troy. But she is impressed with my chicken.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:13:57: Brandon James is electric: Gators start at the 42. As long as James avoids undercover GPD officers, he's cool.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:12:28: Nat Moore said Troy has aqua helmets. Gators will go three and out. Easily the Gators worst series.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:12:17: Jamar Hornsby just ran over the Troy catch man. Too bad the ball was five yards behind him and didn't land yet. Not a good start for the Gators.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:11:17: Troy first down on UF's 46.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:10:39: First and goal at the nine after UF gets too soft in the middle of the field.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:9:49: Haugabook scores on a sneak from the two. 49-17. Two penalties kept that drive alive and Troy converted a third and three. Troy has momentum if that's possible when you're down four scores.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:9:37: Chris Rainey's first touch? Kickoff return to the 35 which he fumbles and is then picked up by Troy. First down Troy at the 40.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:8:20: Brandon Spikes gets a sack on 2nd and 10.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:7:30: Troy misses the 45 yard figgie try. UF escapes with out allowing a point.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:6:07: Tebow is sacked after three different guys missed a block. Three and out. Troy restarts at their 38.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:4:45: Troy on the Gator 38 after again Troy finds a spot in the middle.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:4:12: Finally Troy is stopped. Haugabook threw a one hopper. They have 100 passing yards in the second half.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:3:36: After a pass interference by Doe, Troy has 1-10 at the UF 11.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:2:54: Another TD. 49-24. That's 17 points this half.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]:1:30: Fayson just got destroyed on an option because Riley Cooper forgot to block. And Fayson is still down and they're looking at his left knee. Fannnntastic.

Update [2007-9-8 20:50:2 by mlmintampa]::00: Tebow is sacked after five seconds and Drew Miller lets his block go on 3rd and 10. After a running into the kicker, Kyle Jackson gets a kick catch interference call. That is four 15 yard penalties today. End of third and my brother and I are going to sing and sway.