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USF Football: A Star Is Born

As our screen name suggests, we have affection for everything related to the city of our youth; The Columbia and Colonnade Restaurants, strip clubs, parades for mythical pirates, and football.

We also remember seeing USF play Morehead State at old Tampa Stadium on the last day of the 1997 season. We remember when their jerseys looked like they were ordered out of an Eastbay catalog. And we remembered laughing at our friends who said Matt Grothe would be better than Tim Tebow.

Grothe won't become better than Tebow. But, it is with pride that we say USF has defeated Auburn 26-23 in overtime. USF is the university of Tampa Bay, one that has campus everywhere you look and even pulled out my appendix in February. The university has so much potential in medicine, communications, and football, that FSU is legitimately scared of being passed as number two in Florida. And now, it just might happen.