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Sunday Notes: September 9th

First we start with the Dothan Eagle, which I'm told is The New York Times of southeast Alabama. Perhaps surprisingly, they use some strong language in describing UF's 59-31 victory over Troy.

In the first half, the embarrassment of riches between the defending national champion and supposedly the best the Sun Belt had to offer was evident -- as Troy was completely embarrassed...The Gator offense, spearheaded by super sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow, humiliated Troy from the moment it stepped on the field. The Florida special teams blocked one punt and deflected another. The defense wasn't too bad, either.

Um, Troy scored 31 points against the defending champion too. And what seems like piling on, the last sentence in the article notes that Troy got $550,000 for playing in Gainesville.


Like I said during the game, Brandon James is electric. And I'd rather see James returning kicks than Percy. It's like the difference between a setup man and a closer. Yeah, the closer could get a five or six out save. But, you'd rather save him for the ninth. When Bubba is gone, I suspect that this will be the relationship between James and Percy.


As if giving up 31 points wasn't bad enough, now Bubba has a knee problem. Fayson was shaken up during the game, James has a bum ankle, and Percy seems to have a chronic problem with ankle soreness.

Also in that article, apparently the Troy bus fish-tailed a car carrying Gator fans off of I-75 yesterday. Don't trust the article that says the car tried to cut the bus off. Because if that was the case, the driver would have had time to react and slow down.