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Alligator Army Gameday Notebook: January 1st

I am always a bit concerned when a team plays for an outgoing coach. Not only do they have the `wounded animal' syndrome (fighting back to survive), but they are playing for the legacy of one of the most important people in their lives.

But, when I read this article by Andy Staples in the Tampa Trib, some of my concern for the Gators drops.

While the article notes building for next year, it is interesting to note that the Gators are 13-1 in games played in November and on since Urban came in. You can always criticize a team for uneven or undisciplined play. The most important thing is winning and the Gators have done that when it was needed most. Perhaps the late season rally this year was different from previous years.

"We're starting to play like a team again," Harvin said. "Early in the season, we were a bunch of individuals just playing together and we were good enough to get by. When we got to the tougher teams, we ran into a little slump."

The most important thing to come out of this game is not just a victory, but complete team success. With the exception of the Outback Bowl and South Carolina game in 2005, the Gators have excelled in each area in the late season games. I expect that trend to continue. Remember, our best game last year was the bowl game.