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Capital One Bowl Recap

  • I knew we were in trouble when Derrick Harvey was held on the first play of the game and there was no call. I find it amazing that the SEC has a bowl contract where the ACC provides the officials. That said, none of the officials were wearing 23 in blue today.
  • While it sucks to lose, you have to believe Michigan was due. At the end of the broadcast, they showed that Michigan's seniors were 0-4 vs. Ohio State and 0-3 in bowl games. Good God, if I was a Michigan fan, I would have slit my wrists by now. The last bowl game Michigan won? The 2003 Outback Bowl against the Gators.
  • Joey Ijjas left six points on the field. Caleb Sturgis cannot get to Gainesville fast enough.
  • This is Year Three of "Dan Mullen: Play Caller" and I think it might be time to end this show. There is no rhythm and there does not seem to be a scheme other than getting Percy the ball. He is so desperate to keep as many wides as possible on the field, so no one is there to block blitzers. And, as if he was tricking Michigan, he'd have Lou Murphy block in the backfield. There is also this which is continuously pointed out by my brother, who was a standout defensive back in high school, "If there is a tight end lined up and the receiver covers him up (playing on the line), it is a run." If my brother can catch that, anyone on the opposing staff can.
  • I'm pretty sure everyone's bowl pick'em is screwed. Although, I did have Texas Tech.
  • What was the difference in this game? Other than the Gators' having a poor secondary? How about 3rd down conversions? Florida: 2-11, Michigan: 10-14. Maybe the Gators' first complete possession in the second quarter? Percy had a 66 yard run on the first play, and a touchdown was voided by an illegal procedure penalty which was never explained. Then Percy dropped a TD pass, Tebow was sacked, and Ijjas had his field goal attempt blocked. UF missed seven points and did not score the rest of the half.
  • Wait `til next year.