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Alligator Army Notebook: January 10th

  • One of my favorite Gators of all time, Cornelius Ingram, will be staying at UF according to his brother. CI is only six credits short of a degree and likely would have only been a second rounder. Both those factors led to him coming back apparently. While no one has gotten Ingram on record saying that he is staying, I was able to reach him at home* and he said all he really wants to do is become my favorite player. I said that was very sweet of him but if he wants to do that, he needs to catch the ball away from his body and make better cuts.
  • Orange and Blue Hue's Keltic Gator knows the way to my heart; by shelling and destroying FSU and their propaganda machines. It's absolutely fantastic. Highly suggested reading.
  • South Lake High's Jeff Demps will be attending UF. He is ESPN's 4th rated athlete and 55th overall. The Gators now have seven of ESPN's Top 150.
  • Since I have no where to put this, Tom Lemming sucks. Did you watch the Army All-American Game? It was a Notre Dame Love-in. I thought Pope Benedict was going to come out for the coin toss.
  • The Sporting Orange is back. That means The Fire Jon Gruden Bandwagon is firing on all cylinders. I will not rest until Gruden and his stupid visor are out of Tampa.
  • Brazilian officials are still looking for suspects in the heist of rare albino alligators. Officials fear that smugglers may have gotten to the alligators. If you see any white alligator handbags, that's probably them. (What? You didn't think we just cover Gator sports did you? It's `Alligator' Army for a reason. Chomp chomp.)
  • *Probably not true.