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Gator Basketball vs. Auburn Preview

Before we all get trapped in high expectations, let's look at how the Gators played in Alabama Tuesday night. As has been typical all season, it was Jekyll and Hyde. The first half they allowed 50% shooting but 37% in the second. Offensively, UF shot 47 and 36% from the field and behind the arc in the first frame. Those numbers jumped to 56 and 64% in the second. Can we play 40 minutes? Please?

I bring up numbers because it's hard to get a read on Auburn. They played sloppy against Arkansas, but that was the theme of the game. The Tigers shot 41% and were 9 of 35 (26%) from three point range. Auburn only played seven guys, leading to a second half offensive strategy of chucking it and try to get back on D. Sometimes a chucker will score, so the Gators need to meet Auburn at the arc and force those seven players to get tired by driving to the hole. If they can draw some charges or pound the inside on offense to draw fouls, even better.

If the Gators win today, maybe we can discuss a top-two finish in the division. Maybe. The football team crushed my high expectations once this season. I don't what to be head over heels for this team too. By the way, next Saturday is Kentucky.