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Alligator Army Notebook: January 17th

  • I've decided to not watch the first half of Gator games this season. Last night in Oxford, UF shot 40% in the first half and 51% in the second half. Plus, they should have won the game because they had more possessions, more shots, and made more 3-pointers. They also outscored Ole Miss in the paint 46-40. But, since this team is from the Lee Humphrey School of Free Throw Shooting, the Gators sucked at the line. Making 53% at the line, including 8-16 in the second half, is unacceptable. That's about 20% lower than the season average.
  • I wish I knew what the hell David Huertas' problem was. I kind of wished that when Larry Shyatt came off the bench after Huertas stared them down in the first half, Shyatt would have smacked him across the face. It's not the Gators fault that Huertas decided to transfer when he could have won a second title at UF and started this season.
  • The quote of the game comes from my father who said the Ole Miss' arena, "looks like someone's garage. I'm surprised they can show this game in color."
  • Since it is never too early to recruit, the Gators picked up 6-foot-10 forward Erik Murphy from Massachusetts. Murphy is currently the 41st 2009 recruit for The junior currently is averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds.
  • The Gators acquired ESPN's sixth rated OLB Lerentee McCray from Dunnellon. The bonus is that McCray backed out of a Miami commitment, which surely angered Da U supporters on message boards across America. McCray picked UF over LSU and Tallahassee Community College. He said, "I just love Florida and the Gators, I love everything about them." I'm still waiting for the recruit who says something like this...
Reporter: So tell us why you picked Florida?
Recruit: Well I love alligators. Ever since I was a kid I used to watch them!
Reporter: You mean the Gators? You watched them on TV?
Recruit: No man, alligators. I lived by this big swamp and my brothers and I would run around and the alligators would come out and chase us! We had this one kid who lived in our neighborhood who was a mean dude. One day he was trying to beat my brother up, and my brother ran around the swamp, and that alligator came out and snatched the mean kid! We never saw the kid after that.
Reporter: stunned silence