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New Year's Resolutions

Over the past several weeks, Alligator Army has been collecting the New Year's Resolutions of Gators and people connected with college sports.* Here are a select few.

  • I resolve to make a decision and stick with it. - B. Donovan
  • I resolve to park my car in legal spaces. - T. Joiner's girlfriend
  • We resolve to stop rooting for the Big Ten while we are on the air. - K. Herbstreit, C. Spielman, T. Blackledge, ESPN
  • I resolve to get in shape so I'm not sucking wind in the second half. - M. Speights
  • I resolve to stop calling plays like I'm a ten-year old playing X-Box. - D. Mullen
  • We resolve to not suck. - Florida Baseball's second and third starters
  • I resolve to spend more time helping the orphans in Manila and bring them the Word of God. - G. Hayes. Oh, sorry that's T. Tebow.
  • We resolve to make sure our athletes are better prepared for their open book music history tests. - FSU Athletic Department
  • I resolve to stop taking money that UF needs and giving it to pet projects at my alma mater. - C. Crist
  • If you know of any more resolutions for Gators, let us know in the comments.
*Might not be true.