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Gator Basketball vs. High Point Mini Preview

As we all recover from our Capital One Bowl hangover (seriously, I don't even want to discuss it), we have to remember our second favorite team is about to start their real season. Tonight's game is the last chance for the Gators to work out the kinks before SEC play begins with Bama next week. At the beginning of this season, I assumed Florida would finish as a 6th or 7th seed in the NCAA Tournament. But, now I'm not so sure.

The biggest problem continues to be the lack of a system. Four guys standing around the three point line with Speights hanging out at the elbow is not a system. Part of this is the nature of the team; there isn't the size to play inside. Even Speights, who most Gator fans look at as at least a St. Pete version of David Lee, doesn't yet have the ability to use his body to create space. Calathes will be fine, but there are too many times when he disappears. (He took only nine shots in the FSU and Ohio State games.)

The SEC is weak to awful this season, so maybe the Gators can slide into the tournament on history alone. However, we're trying to build a national powerhouse here. We can't afford to have down years. The talent needs to take over and that needs to start now.