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Gators vs. Kentucky Recap

Gators win 81-70 in overtime.

  • Marreese Speights, welcome to the Florida Big Man Club. Your 20 and 8 performance, while playing with four fouls and keeping Patrick Patterson honest was appreciated by Matt Bonner and Udonis Haslem. Al Horford also thought you played well, but would like to see this effort on a more regular basis. And Neal Walk agrees.
  • It took a 12 of 12 performance at the line in OT to push the Gators free throw shooting to 70%. Had the Gators shot better free throws in regulation, the game would not have even been close. Remember, had Lucas made his two at the end of the second half, a 3-pointer would have put Kentucky down by one. Hopefully the team wide poor shooting is a result of youth and not a communicable disease. I was actually hoping Horford or Tebow would walk in from the sidelines and be eligible for free throws in overtime.
  • Walt Hodge's triple in overtime was huge and it was nice to see him taking charge. He finished with 10 points, 5 assists, and 3 boards. The problem was that he also had 5 turnovers. I would like to see him take a larger role on this team. I know he may not be the most talented player on the floor, but he's the one with two rings. How does someone play 42 minutes and take only six shots?
  • I know I'll sound like a homer but, Good God that officiating was horrible. Speights got called for a charge (his fourth foul) after he slid towards the baseline and the Kentucky defender leaned into him! The final possession of regulation was after a dead ball was given to UF, but the official under the hoop was overruled by a guy 25 feet away. How did that conversation go?
Lead official: White ball!
Trail Official: sucking wind after running in from near half court I-I disagree. catching breath I think the big guy in blue, this one saying he didn't touch it. I don't think he did. I was 25 feet away, I think I would have seen a guy that big touch it.
Lead official: Ok! Blue ball!
  • Speaking of thinking people are rooting against the Gators; after a Patterson free throw made it 68-68 in OT, Jay Bilas said something to the effect of, "Now Kentucky needs a stop." Um, IT WAS A TIE GAME! How about the Gators need a basket? Thanks for letting us know Jay that you wanted UK to win.
  • I know some of the alumni that were at the game were up past their bed times (I'm looking at you Jim and Ethel) but could you yell or make some noise? Please? And you wonder why the students want more seats at the O'Dome. And put on the free t-shirts. It's for the team.
  • Finally, because a 23 year old remembers things like this...prior to the game, my brother and I were discussing the Gators six game (now seven game) winning streak over the Wildcats and I knew instinctively that the last time they lost to UK was in February of 2005 at Lexington. I remembered because the Gators were leading big in that game and I had to attend a sorority function with an ex-girl. Finally, I leave to go to her place and tell her, "If the Gators lose, it's your fault." She was a long term girl so she knew my fandom. I also had a sinus infection so I figured that would buy me some karma. No sir. I get to her place and she's crying and that I'm being mean. The Gators lose and two weeks later we break up. Since then the Gators are 7-0 against UK, have won three SEC Tournaments, and two NCAA Championships. As you see, things worked out well.