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Julio Jones: The Golden Ticket

This weekend Palm Bay linebacker Ramon Buchanan committed to the Gators, possibly setting up a busy two weeks leading into national signing day. Then there is the report that o-line recruit Ricky Barnum told Rivals that three guys committed this weekend. Including Buchanan, that leaves the possibility that d-tackle Omar Hunter and linebacker William Green also committed but neither have announced. However, Hunter has canceled a visit to Georgia and might not take a planned visit to Southern Cal.

As nice as is it to have some depth on defense, there is one guy left out there the Gators want; Rivals' number one receiver Julio Jones. Our friends at Takkle give us a look at this five star player from Foley, Alabama.

Update [2008-1-22 21:13:59 by mlmintampa]:I guess Hunter isn't going to make that trip to USC after all. Let's see if we can get Green and Jones.