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Gator Basketball at South Carolina Preview

South Carolina is 5th in the conference for scoring offense (75.9), but 10th in field goal percentage (44.7%). So where are they getting points from? They are 9th in rebounding offense, but 2nd in 3-point percentage (39.9%). The point is that SC will be running the same offense the Gators do; stand around the 3-point line and chuck it. Field goal percentages will suck, offensive rebounding will plummet, but you'll score a lot! Hooray!

I agree this is a trap game, but I don't know if this team has earned having that moniker. Every conference game for the Gators is a losable game. It's true the SEC is down this year, but so are we. Maybe our ship is a little higher in the waves, but we can still get sunk.

In terms of the actual game, I think the Gators' performances at Bama and Ole Miss gives the kids some confidence in another road matchup. Hopefully, they've learned to start a little quicker and they'll eventually develop a way to keep pushing. (Kentucky was the opposite; fast start, slow second half.) The Gamecocks are relatively small inside, so we should see a repeat performance by Mr. Speights. Lucas' is questionable with a bum wheel, but I trust Calathes and Hodge to run the backcourt. I don't expect the Gators to win all their road games, but this is one they should.