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Gator Football's Newest Addition

In this morning's notebook I previewed an addition for the Gators that will definitely help Tim Tebow. I'm proud to say that I have acquired video of the newest feature for the Gator offense.

That's right, call up the Urban Meyer haters, the Gators got a jetpack, son! Oh, they'll say, "It's not fair! Tebow can't wear a jetpack!" Really? Where in the rules does it say he can't? Plus, it is endorsed by Tebow's friend, Chuck Norris aka "The Most Badass American of All Time". Show me the man who contradicts Chuck Norris and I'll show you a dead man.

Once again, the SEC will have to keep up with Florida's advancements. I fully expect to see Tennessee to have a jetpack powered by Krispy Kreme doughnut grease, and Matt Stafford to have his painted black. FSU will respond by putting Drew Weatherford on a horse.