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Gasparilla or The Senior Bowl

The rest of Tampa will be celebrating Jose Gaspar but one of our finest citizens will be trying to make himself millions.

Bubba Caldwell is in Mobile for the Senior Bowl today (4pm, NFL Network) and has been very impressive. Bubba has not been a speed guy since breaking his leg, but he makes good cuts and catches the ball well. That may not translate to first round money but his performance so far in Mobile might. From;

Andre Caldwell/WR/Florida: Caldwell was fluid and caught the ball well all day long. He lacks the speed to beat opponents downfield yet found the open seam in the defense all day.


Florida's Andre Caldwell (6-0, 203) emerged as the quarterbacks' favorite target. Caldwell came up with several long grabs up the sidelines, separating himself from man coverage. The senior recorded 872 receiving yards last year and has emerged as the best receiver in Mobile.

Bubba likely will not be a number one receiver, but in the expanding passing game you need a good slot or number two receiver. Just look at the Super Bowl. The Giants have Burress and Toomer while the Pats have Moss and Welker. Teams who rely on one receiver like New Orleans (Colston: 98 for 1202) or Seattle (Engram: 94 for 1147) could use a cheap rookie receiver, especially if he has the pro-fundamentals of good hands and good route running. Both of those teams have a gap of 44 catches between their most used wide receivers and the gap between one and two is even more obvious for New Orleans since Colston had 11 TD catches and David Patten had three. I'm not predicting either of those teams would take Bubba (the Saints should probably pick all cornerbacks), but teams with that type of need would be interested in him.

It's likely that Bubba will be a second round pick. Good days in Mobile and on pro day in Gainesville could make him a first round guy with Derrick Harvey.