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Gators vs. Vandy Recap

Gators defeat Vanderbilt 86-64.

  • Who were those guys out there? I saw players wearing white jerseys, then I saw the team make a 23-0 run and I seriously doubted that Speights, Werner, Calathes, Lucas, and Hodge were on the floor. It was a run reminiscent of older teams who knew how to destroy people.
  • Speaking of Hodge; where was that all season? 19 points on 7-14 shooting is nice, but it was the way it was done. He'd curl, lose a defender and take a pass to the bucket. I think he did this three times, each on an assist by Werner who had six in the game. I rip on Werner, but he is a tremendous passer and got his nose dirty with nine boards.
  • I was concerned with the way Vandy would shoot the three ball. They ended up 6-20, for 30% behind the arc. The Gators were 7-21, but shot 48% from the field and 75% at the line. It was nice to see a big win that wasn't dependent on the 3-pointer. Jai Lucas, who was gun shy at the beginning of the season at the arc, was 3-4 today.
  • I don't care about the rankings because with today's win, Florida is in first place in the SEC East. Not only that, this was a `No Way' game. It was as if the team collectively decided that there was no way Vandy was going to beat them at home. Classic Gators. And by Classic I mean the previous two seasons.