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The Courting of Aaron Murray

It was only a matter of time before the Gators offered a scholarship to Plant junior Aaron Murray. Last season, Murray had 51 passing TDs and 12 on the ground, with 4,012 passing yards and 932 running. Plant runs a pro-style system, but it is open enough to allow quarterbacks to move. At 6-foot-1, 198, Murray is closer to John Brantley in size, but could get bigger.

Part of Murray's appeal is that he will graduate in December, giving him a spring practice season to learn the system. Already, he has received 12 scholarship offers, including from Georgia, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. Neither of those teams have the embarrassment of riches the Gators have at quarterback, so who knows how appealing UF is to Murray. It looks like Murray isn't even sure. From GatorBait.

"I'm very happy and very surprised. We were talking about (playing time on Sunday). If I went there and redshirted, I'd have two years behind (John Brantley or Cameron Newton) and then I'd have two more years. Those are the kinds of questions I asked. I hate not being able to play. I want to make sure I can get in there and play."

Brantley and Newton will be juniors when Murray enters as a freshman. Assuming everything stays the same, he could start his junior season. If Murray wants to play immediately, he'll have to compete for a job like everyone else. That's the other thing about this. Murray is being recruited after one season and great camp work. Who's to say that Plant goes 5-5 next season and misses the playoffs as Murray wets the bed in each game?

Recruiting Murray is more than just getting a quarterback and I think Urban has some inkling of that. Armwood, Lakeland, and Plant have been the three heavyweights recently in Tampa Bay football. The Gators have recruited kids from the first two schools, including last year's `Lakeland Alumni Association' with the Pounceys and Chris Rainey. Pulling Murray from Plant is like Urban claming new turf. Not to mention you can't throw a bottle of Gatorade without hitting a Gator alum in South Tampa. Maybe Urban is looking to attract new donors.

Murray has said he wants to decide on a school this summer so his decision does not conflict with his senior season. I can respect that. But until we see how Murray plays in one more season, we will have no idea what he would bring to UF or anywhere else.