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Carl Monday Is Needed In Gainesville

Our man Timmy C. put this on The Sporting Orange but we had to put it on here too.

We all remember where we were the first time we heard about Carl Monday. I was in my apartment in Gainesville when my roommate told me to check out the top story on Deadspin. Well folks, our friends at the University of Florida College of Education could use some investigative reporting from our favorite reporter up north.

From the Independent Florida Alligator:

The University Police Department is looking for a man who was spotted exposing his sexual organs last week in the UF Education Library at Norman Hall. Two women told UPD officers they saw a man exposing himself inside the library, but he did not approach them. By the time police arrived, the man had fled.

Fled? They haven't caught him yet? This man not only needs to be caught, but he needs to be caught, mid stroke, by none other than my main man, Carl Monday. Then, it needs to be blasted all over YouTube, so that everyone can see what a sicko he is and what a mastermind Carl Monday is.