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It Ain't Easy Being Green

At the beginning of this year, I was pleased with the success of the USF football team. I have friends there and I'm a Tampa kid, so it makes us look good. But then the bandwagon overflowed and suddenly USF kids were saying they were better than Florida because they beat Auburn and we didn't. In a few short weeks, their house came tumbling down as they lost to Rutgers, Cincy, UConn, and Matt Grothe starting playing like a 12 year old girl.

After getting destroyed on CBS for New Year's Eve, now the Bulls have to deal with a new issue, this time with standout LB Ben Moffitt. From the St. Pete Times...

Shauna Moffitt said Thursday that her husband left her with their two children, ages 5 and 3, on Nov. 11 - the day after the Bulls won at Syracuse -- and has had limited contact with them since. Throughout his time at USF, his scholarship checks have helped pay for the rent or mortgage, but since leaving, Moffitt has not done anything to support his family financially, she said.

"He is living a lie," she said. "He's lying to everyone. He's not helping (us) with anything."

Their marriage of five years has deteriorated to the point that Shauna, 26, made public Thursday a larger allegation, saying that she had taken multiple online courses for her husband and written papers for his college classes to keep him eligible to play football.

"I have written every single paper he has ever written in five years at USF," said Shauna, who works as a data specialist in the Sumter County Appraiser's Office.

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, USF officials had not responded to questions seeking comment on the academic allegations.

In the words of one of the commentators on the Times story; Oh snap.

Forget the prospect of NCAA investigation, this story if true, pokes holes into Moffitt's personality. All season, he has been the guy who was a family man and a leader of one of the best stories of the year. His family was even at games. Now when he goes to NFL teams for pre-draft meetings, this will be question number one. Who knew that as USF was falling apart, so were their players?