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Alligator Army Pick'em Update 3

With three games left (International, GMAC, BCS), `Instigators' leads the pack with 361 points. `asp_uf_ut' is in 2nd place with 355, while my boy Timmy C and `Gatornoxious' are tied with 333 in 3rd place. `Instigators' has a chance to go wire-to-wire and win the Gators poster.

`Instigators' better start looking over his shoulder though. If you look at points possible, `Instigators' drops to 3rd with 397 points, with `asp_uf_ut' up top with 422 max points and `Gatornoxious' has 404. If you assume all three have picked the exact same games, and we don't know because you can't see picks of games not played, the fall of `Instigators' would rival the '07 Mets. Which is hilarious or sad, depending on your perspective.