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An Open Letter To LSU

Dear LSU,

The last time we saw you, you were a bunch of badass gamblers with national title hopes and we had a youthful team capable of anything. Well, you haven't changed and we found out we were capable of being truly terrible at times. That's the way the game goes sometimes.

I'm writing because we want to wish you luck this evening. Not because it helps me win a bowl pick'em (I'm out of the money in all three), but you are representing the SEC against the BigTen. You see, this isn't just a Northern vs. Southern thing, or a power vs. speed thing. It's about the soul of football.

The SEC isn't a speed league, it's an innovation league. It started with Herschel Walker and Bo Jackson running, and then it went to Danny Wuerffel and Peyton Manning passing. Now it's a league of hybrid offenses and fast defenses that are built to keep up. This is the future. Ohio State is the past. (Important to note, this is the first time ever that Louisiana is on the leading edge of anything. Well, except for government corruption, food, and alcoholic writers.)

To be honest, our crap fest in the Capital One Bowl didn't exactly help this cause. It is up to you guys to maintain our hold over college football. And I know if I'm tired about hearing how things will be different for Ohio State, I'm sure you are too. Go out there and destroy them. Just don't win 41-14. That's our number.


P.S. Go Tigers!