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BCS Championship Recap

  • There are very few teams I root against but don't hate; the Oakland A's, New Orleans Saints, Montreal Canadians, and LSU. With that said, I'm glad they won and made the SEC 7-2 in bowl games, but I want to kick their asses next year. Also, I finally figured this out; you know that one scary Pop Warner football coach you had? The one who told you to block by grabbing the other guy's armpits? That's Les Miles.
  • Maybe OSU has fast players, but it's speed in other areas that is the difference. Proof: Richard Dickson, LSU's tight end, had four catches for 44 yards and two TDs. OSU's linebackers could not keep up. Speed Equals Championships.
  • Seriously, I want to move to New Orleans just for the food and liquor. It is still on the brink of disaster, but I can live with that. Dirty Rice and drinks at Pat O's will make it all better.
  • I got such a kick out of hearing the S-E-C chant over and over. I guess it started after a team won the SEC title in Atlanta, but now it's become a rallying cry. I was a part of it in Gainesville one year ago today and there were kids who did it for the first time in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Monday. That's pretty damn impressive. You think Michigan fans were chanting Big-Ten when it was 10-0 for Ohio State?
  • Kirk Herbstreit after the game was absolutely classic. Not only did he say the public perception of the BigTen was between C-USA and the MAC, but Corso actually started to console him. First of all, I think the Sunbelt is better than the MAC. And where is the Mountain West? Ahead of the BigTen right? Either way, I hope Herbie is on suicide watch. My friend Sarah thinks he's cute and she's already lost Mike Vick this year. I don't want her losing another boy toy.
  • This game was finished a few hours after a Football Final Four was discussed. If Ohio State's back-to-back losses don't prove now is the time for a playoff, it will never happen. Maybe OSU would get to the title game either way, but isn't that better than what we got now? The best part is that the Pac-10 and BigTen commissioners don't want a playoff, possibly to protect the Rose Bowl. That's perfect because then you have the four other BCS conference winners in a playoff in the three remaining BCS games. Let's see how long USC likes destroying an overrated BigTen team each year.
  • And finally, what's a matter LSU? The Gators won by 27 points against Ohio State but you can only win by 14? In your own state? You guys suck.