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Classic Moments In Championship Mode: LSU @ Florida, 2006

It's hard to remember now, but The Legend of Tim Tebow began with a play-action pass against LSU in 2006.

One of my worst losses as a student was the 2002 LSU-UF game when I realized Ron Zook did not have the mental capacity to coach in the SEC and the Gators lost 36-7. But since that game, the series has been extremely close, defined not by the offensive stars on each side, but whose defense steps up. Last season, if the Gators defense makes one stand, UF doesn't blow a 10 point 4th quarter lead and lose 28-24. In 2006, Tebow's jump pass made youtube, but it was the Gator defense with back-breaking takeaways, including one inside the UF 3-yard line. In '05 and '04, the game turned when LSU was able to keep the Gators scoreless late in the game.

We all know that the SEC is a league of offensive innovation (Fun 'n Gun, Spread, Wild Hog/Rebel, the Feature Back, Track team as wideouts), but it is the defense that wins games. So what does this all mean for you?

Wait, what does this mean for me? Uh?

Yes, you see, Championship Mode is very important in this game. By the time this game happens Saturday night, we will know if Tennessee pulled off the unthinkable and defeated Georgia. While that won't change anything (unless Vandy loses at Miss. State), it gives UF a psychological advantage. The Ole Miss loss is still around this team's neck. If the fans show up half-assed and more interested in hooking up or getting wasted, they will not be in Championship Mode nor will the team be in Championship Mode. I feel very strongly about this. Defense in college football is carried by the fans. You think they wave their arms to keep their pits cool? No jackass. They want you involved in the game. And stand up, you go to Florida, not Miami. I don't care if it's a replay review.

Maybe when you go to Bucs or Dolphins games (no one goes to Jags games), you can text your girl or worry about thinks like, "Brah, did that dude 8 rows away look at me funny? Because I will totally punch him!"  You go to Florida. You are there to drive the team to victory. I do not care how cute she looks in that sundress. (Besides, a victory will make it a lot easier to get that girl.) And a victory only arrives if you embrace Championship Mode. I trust that you will make the right decision and lead the Gators back on the right track to a SEC Championship.

(By the way, this is a great Championship Mode weekend; LSU vs. UF and Red Sox vs. Rays. Enjoy yourselves.)