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Gators Take Advantage of Seismic Shift In SEC

Florida Gators defeat LSU Tigers 51-21

So, what do we think now? Which sample is the outlier? The Ole Miss loss? The destruction of LSU, who will surely recover and beat the hell out of Alabama because that is how the SEC works this season? (Note to Bama fans: Face it, no one makes it out of the conference alive. You don't want your loss to Auburn again, do you?) How is it possible that the Gators, following two games where they looked lifeless (even if they were 1-1), roll 50 on LSU with the vigor of a frat guy on free beer night at Grog?

The question is now, are we all even? UGA, Florida, LSU all have one loss and Vandy is hoping now for the Outback Bowl (CROOOOOMED teams do not win division titles). Auburn has ended their season as has Tennessee. With Alabama keeping the dream alive, we are back to the four heavyweights throwing haymakers and everyone else playing Buster Douglas.

The new AP poll has Florida at five now, the biggest poll jump since Obama post-McCain campaign suspension. Are they five? They don't look like it. They look like one or two. Just as the emotions and attitudes of the fan base will rise and fall this season, so will apparently the Gators' output. The Gators held the Tigers to 4-13 on third down, a huge mark especially in the first half. The 19 total first downs for LSU is an outlier; LSU had three scoring drives and three more ended by a turnover or punt. That was a bend-don't break defense in the model of 2006, complete with The Major Wright doing his Reggie F. Nelson impression. The three scores to start the game for UF added to the body blows the defense registered, but more impressively offensively was the way the Gators stepped on LSU's throat with two demoralizing TD drives in the third.

Percy Harvin was in Heisman form, as was Tim Tebow. But, watching Jeff Demps run is unbelievable. Chris Rainey is fast too (although who knows after his apparent shoulder injury). But Demps is world class sprinter speed. While LSU has those guys too, Demps can change direction and more importantly has field vision. You cannot teach speed and you cannot teach how to find holes. But if Brandon James is already "Cold Blooded Brandon James" what will be Demps' nickname? Use the bye week to figure that one out.