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I'm Sorry

An email I got yesterday...

Has the blog ceased? The last post I can see is dated October 13, 2008.

No kids, I have been really busy at work and will be until Nov. 4 (that should give you a hint as to what industry I work in). But we will have a UK preview tomorrow thanks to or friends at A Sea Of Blue and HATE GEORGIA week returns next week. I've already asked my dog Bella if she will write that game preview. By the way, our emailer also wrote this;

With your guidance and encouragement, our contingent at the LSU game demonstrated Championship Mode and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Beautiful. But I will not rest until Urban Meyer or Billy Donovan uses "Championship Mode" in one of those cheesy post-game interviews with Steve Babik or Mark Wise. And to complete my apology; the latest from Confetti and Breadcrumb, featuring Jo Noah.