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Game Seven: Kentucky @ Florida

Uklogo_medium @ Florida_logo_medium

Last year when the Gators faced the Wildcats, Florida won, but the season was shot as the loss to Georgia the week after submarined any hopes at a division title and chance at the SEC. Florida not only has to win, but to protect their quarterback and spread the ball around, so one player does not bare all the burden.

Which brings me to Jeff Demps, who has a write up this week in the New York Times. Saying he might be, "the fastest man in pads," the Times notes that no other college player has run as fast as Demps' 10.01 in the Olympic trials. And this is as a college freshman. Imagine how fast he will get as he gets older. One other note; look at the pictures in the article. In the sprinting and football photos, Demps is running exactly the same with one hand cutting across and the other flaired out. Perhaps this is a concidence, but if it is accurate, it is the reason why Demps is so fast in pads. He is running exactly the same, no matter the sport.

One more thing, political junkies might have heard the story of the McCain campaign volunteer in Pittsburgh who made up a story about being attacked by a black man because she had McCain stickers on her car. When she was arrested yesterday for falsifying a police report, she was wearing a Tennessee sweatshirt. I don't know if this is an omen for McCain, Tennessee or both.