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Classic Moments In Championship Mode: Reggie F. Nelson

Reggie Nelson still holds the record for most consecutive games played in Championship Mode. I could watch this all day.

Speaking of Championship Mode, this is the biggest game of Tim Tebow's life and it comes in the same week that the Gray Lady (New York Times for those of you that don't read the East Coast Liberal Media Elite Newspapers That Are Not Pro-America) has a tremendous profile and interview about the junior quarterback. Last week's Jeff Demps profile was not the kiss of death, so we should not expect this one to be either. Perhaps The Legend of Tim Tebow will live no matter what, but he needs to beat Georgia tomorrow. No one wants to go to a Florida-Georgia game in a few years and have a Georgia sorority girl in a red cocktail dress and fake boobs tell you how Tebow never beat the Dogs. Come on Timmy, let's go.