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Timmy Tebow In 2009: Maybe?

From this week's Sporting News on newsstands Thursday;

On whether he can say for certain he’ll be back at Florida in 2009: “I can’t say for sure, no.”
On whether he’s leaning one way or another: “Obviously, my lean would be coming back. But if the season ends up going good and I’m blessed to have an opportunity to go play in the NFL pretty early, I think that’s something, just trying to be prudent and wise about it, it’s something you have to look at. (Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks) Coach (Dan) Mullen and Coach (Urban) Meyer would tell me the exact same thing. You need to be wise and look at it … because that’s the opportunity of a lifetime. It’s not only a blessing financially, but it would be a blessing for so many other people because with the money you can make in something like that, you can do so many great things for your communities, for helping people, for my family, for everything. So I think that would be maybe even selfish to say I wouldn’t look at it because of all the things that money could do.”

I'll have more on this later. Hopefully this doesn't upset your prep for Championship Mode on Saturday.