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Tim Tebow and the NFL

Tuesday's entry about Tebow considering the NFL isn't really groundbreaking, but it is our first sense as to what he thinks. For an athlete that is so beloved and studied by media and opponents, we really don't know where he is on playing all four years. We always assume he will play his senior season, using his idol Danny Wuerffel as the guide. Plus, Tebow only has won titles as a backup, even if it was in a featured role. But that season was more about Chris Leak fulfilling a promise made by Ron Zook that the QB would win a title. Tebow was no more of a contributor than Percy Harvin or Jarvis Moss.Percy might leave next season too, which likely factors into Tebow's decision. You don't think Tebow is smart enough to look around and wonder if the window to success is closing on this particular class of players?

I don't think Tebow is pressured by his parents or family. If anything, there is more pressure to stay because he lives in comfort and doesn't have a sick mother or a girlfriend with a baby to care for. There is no need to leave. He might also think he cannot take the punishment that the Meyer/Mullen system has put him under. The kid is built like a tank, but you can only take so much mortar fire before you start struggling. In the NFL, he won't be plunging ahead from 5 yards behind the line, expected to get that 4th and 2. Who knows? Maybe he fears injury like Cornelius Ingram?

Of course, if he left and the Bucs picked him, I'd forgive him immediately.