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FSU Football Fight Club

I knew this would be a good weekend when I got my hotel reservations for Gainesville, but hot damn the celebrating is starting early!

Several of Florida State's top receivers were involved in a fight on campus today at the student union, but early reports from sources indicate the players involved were defending a teammate who was sucker-punched by an unidentified student.

First of all sucker punches are never fun. But riots between football players and frat brothers are freaking hil-arious. (This is what got Ron Zook on Jeremy Foley’s bad side. That and losing to Mississippi State.) Some websites are reporting this stemmed from a chance encounter with a young lady at a club (same thing happened to me when I was in my riots at Reitz Union). In that case, we’ll take the side of the FSU player (reportedly Taiwan Easterling) who was jumped because that’s what a GDI would do. Although, the best line comes from our friends at Tomahawk Nation;

I forgot that Wednesday is "Market Wednesday" in the Union.  Market Wednesday basically consists of local merchants peddling their goods.  Some student organizations demonstrate, and some African American fraternities do their step routines as well.  All on Wednesday.  The place is pretty rowdy.

My goodness, what the hell is going on in Tallahassee? The FSU Union is “rowdy”? Again, like I said, hil-arious. Of course, please note that Myron Rolle is a Rhodes Scholar candidate. No seriously. Please. FSU insists.

(By the way, I am aware that Ronnie Wilson fired a gun like he was an Iraqi celebrating the fall of Saddam, Jacques Rickerson tried to choke out his girlfriend and Jamar Hornsby stole a dead girl’s credit card. But those were all sad, not hil-arious. Ok, maybe Ronnie Wilson was funny.)