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Game Ten: South Carolina @ Florida

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Today, one Steven Spurrier will saunter onto the greenest patch of grass in America in a building he built, if not added a massive skybox complex to. Younger alumni and students might over look the OBC because all we know South Carolina is 0-11 in Gainesville. Older alumni, who might have actually seen Spurrier play, love him and fear him. They don't care about the 0-11. They know if there is one guy who knows how to crush the Gators' dreams, it's Spurrier. While the Gators are big favorites and have historical dominance against the Gamecocks, Spurrier is the wild card. And if he gives South Carolina their first victory in Gainesville tonight, I guarantee traffic jams as everyone gets out of town as soon as possible.

In other news, basketball opened their season with a win last night, defeating a legit Toledo 80-58. Dan Werner was the leading scorer with 19, despite this exchange outside of the O'Dome after the game.

Guy in Sperrys: "Man, Werner looked terrible."

Guy in Sperrys and Polo hat: "He was the leading scorer!"

Guy in Sperrys: "Yeah, but he looked like shit doing it. He always does."

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Dan Werner Experience!

Seriously though, Werner did take 14 shots (he made 8; but no one else attempted more than 7) and was his usual 1-4 from the three-point line. Nick Calathes was great with 16 points and 7 assists. When he is not on the floor, it's a bit of a fire drill, but freshman Erving Walker might be a nice sub. He had 7 assists, including a few on fast breaks. With Walker, it is a smaller lineup, but would be a change of pace. Allen Chaney, in only 18 minutes, had six points and five boards and could make a nice lineup with Parsons, Werner, Tyus and Calathes. All those guys are long, and Chaney and Parsons (after hitting the weight room) could bang down low too.