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Still Three Games Left

Gators defeat South Carolina 56-6.

Saturday's game had the sense of a coronation. Florida was not just winning the game, but proving they are the best team in America. The defense played well enough, again, and special teams created chances for UF (as did a 25-yard lateral). On a wet track, Florida ran all over South Carolina with 346 yards on the ground. When a team runs like that, no matter if it is a power or spread system (although Urban Meyer will argue that this is a power system), they will not lose. With Harvin, Rainey, Demps and Moody (in a special guest appearance in the second half) Florida cannot be stopped on the ground. They hit opponents with too many weapons.

But there are three games left and a lot can happen between now and then. There could be injuries, suspensions, or massive riots at the student union over a girl. Who knows what the next three weeks hold for the Florida Gators? If there is one negative to take away is that Tebow would miss Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper when they were open (Cooper spent half the game with his arms out, wondering where the ball was). He also wasn't leading guys like he should. But then he throws two gems to Thompson and Hernandez and you realize the kid has a cannon with the touch to drop one in.

But three weeks is an eternity. Florida will beat the Citadel next week, then get The School Out West. If Florida wins those two games, the SEC Championship is a National Semifinal with the winner going to the BCS title. But the same fire they have shown the last few weeks must continue. They cannot let up for one second.