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Game Eleven: Citadel @ Florida

Citadel_medium @ Florida_logo_medium

The last home game of the year is against a I-AA opponent who is 4-7 and has lost 6 of their last 7 games. If Florida does not score at least 70, something is wrong. The most important thing, other than a massive win, is everyone stays healthy for the 1-2 punch of The School Out West and Alabama in the next two weeks.

The last home game could be a historic one. Not only is this Mr. Two Bits last game (is the crazy Orange-and-Blue Guy taking over?) but it could be the last games for Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow. Neither has lit the fires of NFL scouts (unless Tebow as a fullback gets you excited), so maybe they will hang around one more season.

Today's game is on pay per view, so I hope your friendly with your local Gator Club. If your local Gator Club is not at a bar with the game on, well, they are terrible and should lose their charter. Enjoy the game and for the love of God, stay healthy.