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Everything Stays The Same For Florida

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Gators defeat Citadel 70-19.

70 is a nice number, but most importantly, everyone got out of Saturday's game healthy. Florida will be at full strength for The School Out West on Saturday.

After Oklahoma's destruction of Texas Tech, nothing really changes for UF. The SEC winner, unless there is an act of computer failure, will go to the National Championship. Of course UF and Alabama must finish clean next week, but both are believed to have control of their own destiny. Texas Tech's loss opens the door a bit for Penn State (who looked fantastic today), but no one wants to see a Big Ten team again, right? Well, maybe the SEC does.

I don't want to go into who is staying or leaving because there are three games left for UF and that means better things to worry about. But watching the game (thanks Tampa Gator Club!) you could see where Tim Tebow might not be the NFL-ready QB. Tebow has a great arm, but he still winds up on his motion. I'm biased and I think he would be a great pro QB. But the old men with clipboards and reading glasses will point out enough flaws to make Tebow look like Eric Crouch. He should wait, get drafted in the late first round in 2010 and become a bigger Ben Roethlisberger. (In Tampa perhaps? Hey, the women here need another matinee idol now that John Lynch is out of football.)

Now, Tebow faces his blood enemies. No, not athiests. The Seminoles. I expect them to do anything possible to stop Tebow including having the frat boy who rides Renegade throw his spear at a Filipino orphan during pregame to get in Tebow's head. The last time the Seminoles defeated UF was the 2003 ACC Refs Game when I flipped out at a FSU fan in the student section and my father tried to break the arm of someone doing the chop. That family bonding experience also included ACC referee Jack Childress singlehandedly bring instant replay to college football after his crapstorm of bad calls. FSU will pull out all the stops on Saturday so expect them to hit to the echo of the whistle, try to twist ankles under piles and generally be the classless team we all know they can be. Alabama will wait. As for now... Welcome To Hate FSU Week.


The 223 and mlm welcome you to the best week of the year.