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Your Hatred Of Florida State

I have already talked about why I hate FSU and why I think they are the Gators' biggest rival. Now, I'd like you to do the same. Tell a anti-FSU joke or a story about a time when you were in Championship Mode and brought the hate to FSU. The best will be included in a post on Friday. If you'd like to email the comment instead, hit me at

My joke is...

What is the Seminole Trail of Tears? When you realize you got an STD after going to a FSU sorority house.


My story is from the 2005 Florida-Florida State game in Gainesville. This was my last home game as a student and our block was at the north end 30 yard line. To our left was the FSU bench and their fans who sat behind it. Before the game, the FSU band lined up right in front of us and myself, Timmy C and The 223 started the "U-F RE-JECTS!" chant. Pretty soon, most of the student section was in on it. Seeing the look of fear on the faces of the FSU band was priceless. With the FSU players now on the benches, my brother decides to go after A.J. Nicholson ("Go get another DUI, AJ!"). That is funny alone, about 15 feet away was A.J. Nicholson's family, including his Dad wearing a Nicholson jersey with "Daddy Nicholson" on the back. Normally, I'd tell my brother to calm down, but Nicholson was a bad kid.

Those are my contributions. Drop yours in the comments or email them (if you'd like to be credited with your name and city like it's a Bill Simmons mailbag or something). We will put up the best Friday. Also, we will have statistical analysis tomorrow and a Classic Moment In Championship Mode on Thursday to keep you entertained during the awful Titans-Lions game. Also, if you have a better nickname for Tallahassee other than Tallanasty, Trashahassee or Cesspool, drop those too.