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Jeff Demps Ready For Revenge

You know a program is in bad shape when they treat a stud recruit badily. (See Charlie Weis and Terrelle Pryor). Perhaps we should add Florida State to the list? From the Orlando Sentinel;

Demps, a product of Groveland South Lake, grew up a Seminoles fan and wanted to play football in Tallahassee. He was devastated that FSU offered him a spot on the track team but no football scholarship.

"Growing up as a Seminole fans, I never thought I'd be playing against them," Demps said. "But now that I'm on the opposite side, I'm going to to try my best to beat them. Back then I used to love them. I never saw myself anywhere except Florida State. But now that I'm here I've kind of lost that."

First of all, we forgive Demps for being a FSU fan as a kid. (The Pounceys were too.) But how dumb could FSU be to not offer Demps a football scholarship? Forget treating a stud recruit badily. The Noles actually avoided a kid who has ran a 10.01 100-meter dash. That time would have been 7th in the Olympic finals. And we will leave Demps with the last word.

"They're the enemy now," Demps said. "I don't like them much anymore."