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Urban's Daughter Commits To Georgia Tech; Avoids 1000s Of Jerks At UF

Nicki Meyer, a 5-foot-6 libero and Urban Meyer's daughter, will be playing volleyball at Georgia Tech next season. Meyer is a senior at Gainesville's Buchholz High School, and played on the Bobcats' 2007 state championship team. Sort of funny: Nicki, as a libero, is a defensive specialist. She's not allowed to play offense. Who knew Meyer would not have raised an offensive genius?

While it may be curious that the Gators did not recruit Nicki, it's possible she wanted to be on her own and that UF had reached their quota of Gainesville players (2). More importantly, at Tech she is just a girl on the volleyball team. At UF, she is the target of every red-blooded male. She'd need more than the Pounceys to keep random jackass dudes away from her. It's bad enough she has '"Losery Rivals Geeks" looking at her too.