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FSU Will Win Again, But Not This Year

When one group's dominance over another is lost, it is sometimes seen as an act of fate. In Britain, the Conservative Party was in power from 1979 to 1997, a period of electoral dominance unmatched in British history. But there was a belief in the party that eventually their rivals, the Labour Party, would win again, no matter the efforts of the Conservative leadership. That happened with Tony Blair in 1997, and Labour has not looked back.

I mention this because Florida State will win again (just like Georgia in 2007), but they will not snap the streak this season. In politics or sports (the only places where there are only winners and losers), not only do you have to have fate on your side, but you have to have the ability and skill to win. Captain Momentum will not join a side that does not deserve it. Upsets happen, of course.  But that is when the dominant team loses their footing. That happened once with the Gators this season. Do you think it will happen again? Has there been anything to say so?

FSU is still in a transition period. Christian Ponder may be a great QB, but he makes too many mistakes (12 TD/11 INT/16 Sacks). Excluding wins against Western Carolina and Chattanooga, those numbers are even more striking (6 TD/11 INT). In regular competition, Ponder has not thrown for multiple TDs, but multiple picks three times. Florida State must jump out quickly, as they did against Maryland, but they do not have an explosive running game. Ponder has to play the game of his life for FSU to have a chance.

FSU's and Florida's defense are relative equal (FSU 7th in total defense, UF 9th ; FSU 19th in scoring defense, UF 3rd). Florida maybe scoring buckets of points, but it is the defense that is winning games. Aside from the crapfest against Ole Miss, Florida has been dominant and has not let up. If the defenses are relatively equal, who would you rather play with; UF's offense or FSU's?

FSU will win again. But it is not happening this season. (At least I hope so. I don't want my trip to Tallanasty ruined.)