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Your Hatred Of Florida State

Your submissions of why you hate FSU and stories.

"I used to throw things at the TV as a child whenever Bobby Bowden came on the screen. I also told FSU to quit calling my house because there was no way I'd go to their 2nd rate university. They were calling once a week and I didn't even apply." - Miss Lindsey


"I despise FSU and everything they stand for. Their students are second rate and second class citizens in the state of Florida just like their football players. FSU and their graduates are inferior to UF and their graduates in every facet of life. Not only do they go to an inferior academic university but an inferior athletic university. Seriously, how can you be such a shitty academic university and not be good at sports? What do they have to hang their hat on? Their magnetic program? Their clown college? Well, I guess you have us there. The funny thing is FSU grads think Florida and their students are rednecks. Have they seen UF? The only reason why they went to FSU is because they didn't get into Florida.

It's not 1993 anymore. Derek Nicholson is not Derrick Brooks. Everette Brown is not Peter Bowlware. Myron Rolle wouldn't even play at UF because he is as slow as shit and he cannot run. And how is he a Rhodes Scholar at FSU with a 3.75 in pre-med? And how do we know if those are Rolle's grades with all the rogue tutors running around FSU? And I am tired about hearing how FSU's receivers are as good as UF's. There isn't one receiver at FSU that would be in Florida's starting lineup. FSU's entire roster has inferior talent. The only players that chose Florida State over UF, the small number that is, are either retarded or didn't want to compete. The one good thing about FSU is that they won't fire Bobby Bowden. And the longer he is there, the better UF will be." - G46


"My fondest memory would have to be when I relentlessly screamed "God" at Wyatt Sexton. Sexton, for those of you who don't remember, was relieved of his duties as FSU's quarterback shortly after he was arrested for jumping up and down on cars, lying motionless in the street and claiming he was the son of God to Tallahassee police officers. Not only was the entire FSU offensive line laughing with me, but Sexton couldn't stop smirking. Final score: UF 34 FSU 7. Even God couldn't save the Noles that year." - Hanson


"Back in 2004, I attended my one and only game at Doak with the Gator Band. It was Senior Day, naturally, and as they began to call out the names of the FSU seniors, something struck me. It sounded a lot like the introductions to a basketball game the way they were reading off the names. So, I began to (very softly) play one round of "Gator Bait" on my sousaphone after each name was said over the loudspeakers as is the custom at the O-Dome during visitor introductions. It was just as a joke to myself, and not intended to be anything more.

Someone else in the section heard me and began doing it too only louder. Soon the entire section of fans behind us began shouting "Gator Bait!" with us, at which point the director at the time raced up the stairs and shut us up. The fans kept it going though, first singing the tune then shouting it. It was awesome." - Mr. W.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. And I will be yelling "GATOR BAIT!" during FSU's senior intros.