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Florida Gators "Hate Tour: 2008" Rolls To Atlanta

Florida Gators defeat Florida State Seminoles 45-15.

Let's take a look at Florida's most significant games this season, shall we?

Opponent Significance Score
Miami Rival 26-3
Tennessee Rival 30-6
LSU Rival 51-21
Georgia Rival 49-10
South Carolina Spurrier 56-6
Florida State Rival 45-15
Record: 6-0 Score: 257-42

That's right folks. In Florida's most significant games (five against rivals, one against Spurrier), the Gators were 6-0 and outscored their opponents 257-42. Oh. My. God. That is ruthless, that is incredible, but that is also pure Hate. The Gators could have let off easy and not kicked a late field goal against Miami or not called time outs against Georgia. They also could have pulled their first team earlier against South Carolina and Florida State. But Urban Meyer and the Gators chose not to because they Hate their biggest opponents. "Hate Tour: 2008" travels up Interstate 75 to a city crawling with Gator grads, but about to be invaded by houndstooth and Bama bangs. I hope UF continues bringing the Hate.

Speaking of Hate, I present Tim Tebow;

The Seminoles fired up Tebow before last year's game when linebacker Geno Hayes vowed to "take him down." This time, the FSU fans offered Tebow a little extra motivation.

They cheered wildly when Harvin, the team's leading receiver, left the game in the second quarter with a sprained right ankle. He limped off the field with the help of trainers and didn't return.

Tebow was incensed by the reaction.

"That kind of irritated me," Tebow said. "I told the coach to give me the ball because I really wanted to hit somebody."

Meyer obliged, and Tebow carried several defenders into the end zone from 4 yards out two plays after Harvin's injury.

I had already decided to name one of my future children Timothy Joakim, but this makes it even better. I'll have more on this quote Monday.

The thing I heard over and over again like it was a 'talking point' was how FSU was a second class/second rate university. In all fairness, it's not true. Good people go to FSU or have attended there (one of my good friends, who is now studying to become a priest). But their stadium sucks. It's a taxpayer financed Erector set with a crappy sound system, ridiculous scoreboard, and the worst turf south of Heinz Field.

As for FSU grads and students, with the exception of my high school friends who went there, I feel no kinship towards FSU people. None. And this isn't a rivalry thing. I always root for Tennessee or Georgia when they play out of conference. I've also enjoyed the company of LSU fans. Friday before the South Carolina game, I caught a drunk girl at Grog House who happened to be a SC student. Her friend apologized and I said, "No problem. Besides, you're an SEC cousin." She hugged me and said, "That's right baby! SEC!" Meanwhile, a FSU fan was trying to make conversation with me at Bullwinkle's on Friday and all I wanted to do was walk away. 

This was one of my favorite games ever because I was sitting in FSU's student section (because their students were too stupid to pick up their free tickets). After every Gator score, I would scream, "I'M IN YOUR STUDENT SECTION FSU! I'M! IN! YOUR! STUDENT SECTION!" As for other things screamed in Tallahassee, some of my favorite quotes from various sources (but Miss Lindsey takes credit for 1, 2, 3 and 7)...

1. UF Alum: "Don't be bitter you got rejected from UF!"

FSU Student: "I'm a bio chem major! I'm a bio chem major!"

2. FSU Fan: [To girls wearing No. 15 and No. 1 jerseys] "Hey Teabag and Slow, your jerseys are ugly."

UF Fan: "Fuck you, your face is ugly."

3. [Video boards play a 'Visit Tallahassee' advertisement and it is missing something.] "What the hell? Where is FAMU? That advertisement is racist!"

4. "Unconquered. Except by the US Army who killed all of them but left enough to run casinos."

5. "Chief Osceola is a frat boy in make up."

6. "I'm going to rip out that guy's voice box." [About middle-aged FSU fan who cheered and gave finger after Harvin injury.]

7. "Alabama can Roll Tide to Hell"