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Four Things To Worry About This Week

1. Alabama is 3rd nationally in total and scoring defense. Allowing only 11.5 ppg, Bama has pitched two shutouts and held four other opponents to single digits. They shutout Auburn Saturday, and while Auburn sucks, it's impressive when you shutout your rival.

2. The Tide averages about 200 ypg on the ground behind RBs Glen Coffee and Mark Ingram. They have 20 of Bama's 30 rushing touchdowns. In comparison, John Parker Wilson and his bangs only have nine touchdown passes.

3. Urban Meyer says Percy Harvin is questionable and game planning without him.

“It’s day-to-day,” Meyer said. “He certainly won’t practice the first couple of days. He’s here and moving around a little bit. We’ll see what happens...

“Obviously, we’ve thought about it because we’ve had to play through it (not having Harvin) a couple of times before. We have a plan. I just hope he’s ready.”

4. This ESPN article; "Polls show disturbing trend."

Thanks in part to SEC opponents Georgia, South Carolina and Vanderbilt all losing nonconference games Saturday, No. 4 Florida lost some schedule strength in the BCS computers and still trails the No. 3 position in the BCS standings by a decent margin.

That raises the question: Is it still certain that Florida reaches the BCS National Championship Game by simply beating No. 1 Alabama on Saturday?

The article goes on to state that if Florida wins Saturday, it is highly unlikely they would miss out. Plus, winning the game is a lot more important than hoping a few laptops break your way. But it is a sad state of affairs when the winner of a conference (include a one loss Oklahoma too since the pollsters have shown a willingness to move them around) is left behind for no apparent reason. The argument here is not that Florida should be in the title game (because I'm not being a jinx). The argument is that we should know what it takes to get to that game. All we have are assumptions. And at this point, a Florida-Texas BCS title game is as possible as a Alabama-Oklahoma game.