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My Heisman Ballot

Our friends at The Blue Workhorse asked us to write up what our Heisman ballot would look like so here goes. Following our ballot is more commentary.

1. Colt McCoy, quarterback, Texas: McCoy did the most with the least. He was Texas' leading rusher and does not have All-American talent catching the ball either. If McCoy is not there, the Longhorns are not a contender for the National Championship.

2. Tim Tebow, quarterback, Florida: Has a player ever won the Heisman on the strength of his personality? Tebow does not have the crazy numbers like last season and the emergence of Florida's running game limited his carries. He is surrounded by talent, but talent does not guarantee winning (see Notre Dame). With Tebow, it does.

3. Sam Bradford, quarterback, Oklahoma: Bradford gets the edge here over Texas Tech's Graham Harrell because Bradford spreads the ball around a bit more without the benefit of throwing to a guy like Tech's Michael Crabtree. Bradford's 52 touchdowns and the Sooners' record breaking offense are incredible, but I think a lot of guys would be successful in his spot.


I have to admit, I don't want Tebow to win the Heisman. He already has one, plus the media demands on the winner will take time away from game prep. This is also the classic argument; best player or most valuable player? I think McCoy was the best player but would be a close second to Tebow in terms of most valuable player. Bradford was great this season, and he deserves credit for being first in passing efficiency, but it's Oklahoma's offense as a whole that can kill. Florida is the same way. With Texas, it's pretty much all McCoy.

I'm not trying to be a homer, but it is hard. Watching how Tebow responded to the Ole Miss loss this season, when every game after could have meant death, was one my favorite sports experiences in my life. When Oklahoma lost to Texas, they responded the same way, but there was no force like Tebow. Numbers wise, Tebow should have no chance against these two guys or even Harrell. It is Tebow's will that may give him a chance to win.

I think McCoy or Bradford wins with only the Southern writers giving Tebow first place votes.