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Heisman Is Too Close To Call

The Heisman finalists will be announced this evening and at this point it is anyone's guess as to who will be the winner of the most prestigious award in college sports. The Scripps-Howard Poll has Texas QB Colt McCoy edging out Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, with Tim Tebow third. But the Gainesville Sun Poll has Tebow and Bradford tied for first and McCoy third. (which is like the FiveThirtyEight of Heisman projections) projects Bradford winning on the strength of second and third place votes. And the votes that have come in so far show that. Tebow, not surprisingly, is getting a large number of votes from the Southeast and Northeast. But beyond that, he is no where to be seen. Some Midwest and West voters leave him completely off the ballot. Of those voters, some do it because they only pick their winner and some do it to screw over a player. Several voters have Bradford-McCoy and no third place listed. At this point, it is very possible Tebow has the most first place votes, but loses because he is listed on fewer ballots.