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Urban Meyer, Notre Dame and You

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From Jeremy Fowler's stellar blog at the Orlando Sentinel, a link to an interview Urban Meyer gave to WQAM in Miami where he talks about Notre Dame being his dream job. Fowler makes a logical case for Meyer eventually going to the Irish.

I don't want to overanalyze this, but Florida can't feel too special about this one. It almost reads as if Florida is the rebound girlfriend. You've got to think that although Meyer was just being honest, and I respect his candor on the matter, he didn't intend on slighting Florida. He has no reason to. In the end, it sounds like Notre Dame could be Meyer's destination once his son, Nate, is growing into his high school and Meyer can non-stop recruit.

I think there is a part of Meyer that loves Notre Dame. But, I don't believe the, "Hey, he's Catholic!" argument because Billy Donovan isn't being pursued by South Bend and Donovan is so Catholic, he was one of the major donors to Gainesville's first Catholic high school. Charlie Weis is Catholic and an alum but a crappy coach too. And I don't believe the "dream job" part either.

Fowler hits on something when he says, "Florida is the rebound girlfriend." There is one problem with this though; Urban had a chance to go to Notre Dame. Yes, it was easier to come to Florida and spend day trips recruiting rather than flying to California to recruit the latest blonde QB from a private school. But, Florida put on a full court press. Jeremy Foley and Billy Donovan recruited Meyer, as well as UF President Bernie Machen, who hired Meyer at Utah. Donovan's wife even spoke to Meyer's wife about living in Gainesville. You know what Notre Dame did? NOTHING. Now, when Notre Dame is desperate (whether that is now or next season or in a few years), Meyer is supposed to pack up his family again for the school that showed him so little respect the first time?

To stick with Fowler's phrase, Notre Dame is the hot chick who you've been friends with but never showed much romantic interest in you except when she was drunk. Florida is the cute chick who wants to get to know you better and thinks you're really awesome. Those of us who have dated know ultimately which is the better pick. (Also, the cute chick always has a nicer butt.) Hell, if you were Jay Gatsby, you could say the hot chick comes from old money and the cute chick is new money. And guess what? Gatsby chased the old money chick and dies at the end in his pool. (My apologies to high school students for giving away the ending.)

The point is that from now until the end of time or Notre Dame wins another national championship (which ever is first), Notre Dame and Urban Meyer will be connected. (Alabama and Bobby Bowden were the same way.) This speaks to Meyer's respect for Notre Dame and Notre Dame's lack of imagination when hiring coaches. (Who the hell were Pete Carroll and Jim Tressel when they were hired? Not coaches at BCS powerhouses.) Besides, if Urban were to ever go to South Bend, you think he would be able to be Parrothead there? I don't think so.