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Florida quarterback Tim Tebow received the most first place votes in Heisman Trophy voting Saturday night in New York City. While Tebow will not receive the trophy, which was awarded to Oklahoma sophomore quarterback Sam Bradford, Tebow received the most first place votes for the second consecutive season. But instead of dealing with the media requests and distractions that hounded the junior quarterback last season, Tebow will be able fully concentrate on the BCS Championship Game against Bradford's Sooners.


Not since 1956, when Notre Dame's Paul Hornung won the Heisman, has the player with the most first place not won. In that season, Oklahoma running back Tom McDonald was third, but with eight more first place votes than Hornung. That was also the year Syracuse's Jim Brown finished fifth.

Florida fans have every right to be upset that their man didn't win, especially when Chris Fowler says the Southwest voters (the only region Tebow lost last year) left Tebow off their ballots, taking away precious points. But these voters did the Gators and the Gator Nation a favor. What does Tebow gain with another Heisman? He already has everything. What does he lose? Precious time preparing for the BCS Championship.

Sam Bradford will now have to sit in dozens of chairs for the next few weeks, spending hours answering the same questions about winning the Heisman and his team's offense. Chuck Norris will write Bradford and not Tebow. Meanwhile, this gives more time for Tebow to be a Filipino-Born Killing Machine. That is what Tebow is, even if he preaches God to convicts and orphans. Tebow is a proud guy with Hate in his heart and he wanted to win. (The only person more pissed than Timmy was his Mom. Did you see the look on her face?) Now, Tebow goes back to Gainesville and faces a guy like Brandon Spikes, who did this to another college superstar this season.

Congrats to Sam Bradford. But I'm a huge homer and for me, Timmy Tebow was the winner Saturday.

(By the way, did you see Tebow's Heisman portrait? I'd pay $1000 for a framed oil painting of Tim Tebow. It would look awesome over the fireplace. That's why it's so important to marry a Gator. Only they would understand the value of a Tim Tebow painting.)


If you did not stick around to watch "The Greatest Game Ever Played," you missed a well made show. They couldn't show the entire 1958 NFL Championship between the Baltimore Colts and New York Giants (the original footage is lost, only some plays remain), so it was supplemented by fans, players and current Colts and Giants. It also led to these gems at the Alligator Army World Headquarters.

Colts fan and director Barry Levinson says Baltimore was a depressed city in the 1950s: "Has Baltimore always been depressed?"

Giants RB Frank Gifford, who fumbled twice, complains about a bad call: "Gee Frank, if you didn't fumble so much, you wouldn't have to worry about that."