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Gators' College of Coaches?

Lost in the Heisman ceremony was this statement by Tim Tebow; (pulled from fanshots)

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said Saturday night that it is unlikely offensive coordinator Dan Mullen, who has been named head coach at Mississippi State, will call plays at the national championship game.

Mullen has said he would try to balance his new job and his job at Florida. Tebow, who had just spoken with Mullen, said Florida might go to a play-calling-by-committee scenario.

Among those who would likely to be involved -- coach Urban Meyer, wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales and offensive line coach Steve Addazio.

On paper, this seems like a good idea. "Hey, all those guys are good!" In reality, it's a cluster. Who would be in charge? If Mullen is there, and sees something, does he go through Meyer or Gonzales? And we assume the four guys have a standard system, but there have been plenty of times when Mullen has called a play that makes Gator fans rip their hair out. Hopefully, the play calling in the BCS Championship doesn't turn into the College of Coaches, the Chicago Cubs' failed experiment of rotating managers. I can already see Urban running ten yards on the field in the first quarter because of an impending delay of game penalty. Play calling-by-committee is a disaster waiting to happen.