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2nd Annual Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em: Prize Addition

Five days until bowl season begins and 26 people are in the 2nd Annual Alligator Army College Bowl Pick'em. That is a tremendous turn out. But, now we are sweetening the pot a little more.

Our overall winner will still get the Vintage Florida Calendar. Today we are adding a prize for the player with the most wins, Florida Gators Playing Cards from Herodecks.


Last season, we had one player win the overall prize (a Gators poster), but another player had the most wins. Instead of getting a link to the NHL Presidents' Trophy (given to the NHL's regular season winner), that player will actually get a prize this season. If it's the same player as the overall winner, the second place winner gets the deck of cards.

Remember, to play for these lovely prizes, you need a Yahoo ID, then go here. Join private group 8567 and password alligator. Good Luck!