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The First Annual Alligator Army Awards: The Albies

Over the next few weeks, you see Time publish the "Man of The Year" issue, ESPN roll out every cool highlight and more "Year End" lists than you can stand. That's why we're getting into the act too.

The Alligator Army Awards (or the Albies, for Albert and Alberta) will be awarded in several categories. Each winner will receive the satisfaction of having a random Gators blog call them the best at something. While some of the categories will have obvious winners, my job and your job is to come up with the nominees.

The time span for The Albies is January 1, 2008 to the present day. Each category covers multiple sports. Some are serious. Some are silly. As an example; there is no "Best Football Freshman" it's "Best Freshman" with five nominees from all sports. Leave your nominations in the comments or email me at .

Here are the categories;


Best Player Not Named Tim Tebow

Best Freshman

Best Senior

Best Female Athlete

Biggest Surprise

Best Quote

Best Heckle (The most absurd or obscene thing you heard directed at a Gator opponent this season and who said it; you, a friend, your minister. If you leave the nomination in the comments, bleep out the cursing. If you email, leave it in.)

Best Gators YouTube

Best Looking Gator Athlete

Best Game

Best Moment In Championship Mode (Best play/performance in a Championship Mode game; UM, UT, LSU, UGA, FSU, Bama for football. NCAA Tournament games for all others.)


Submit your Albies nominations by Friday, December 19. Voting begins on Monday, December 22 and ends on Tuesday, December 23. Drop your nominations in the comments or email us at .