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Alligator Army Awards: The Albies

Hello! And welcome to the Alligator Army Awards live from the Alligator Army World Headquarters in beautiful Northwest Tampa! Throughout the day, you dear reader will pick the some of the best moments and most outstanding Gators over the last calendar year. You'll see a few favorites and a few surprises.


Look at how awesome Albert is. He's ready to give out some Albies.

Of course, just like the Academy Awards, we will run long. Today, five Albies will be awarded in these categories; Best Freshman, Best Female Athlete, Best Heckle, Best Gators YouTube and Best Looking Gator Athlete. On Tuesday, we finish The Albies with Best Senior, Biggest Surprise, Best Quote, Best Game and Best Moment in Championship Mode.

Each day, the voting will begin at 10am with the first category and the fifth category at 2pm. Voting for all categories ends at 11:59pm on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will announce the results, in addition to our second installment of "Alligator Army Fiction."

See you back here at 10am for the first award, Best Freshman.